Tips to create branding videos

Tips to create branding videos

Power of videos in brand building and promotion is still unmatched to other marketing tactics. Video is not only the platform that improves the status of the company, but it also help in building brand credibility.

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.”

– Jonah Sachs

For building brand image, branding videos are the best option if implemented appropriately. Here are certain tips to create branding videos:

Have a realistic goal

While setting your goals, the first and foremost thing to decide is why you are making a video; is it for brand awareness, promotion or demonstration of products or services. Once this is decided, stress the value it´s going to deliver to the audience. Set a goal which is realistic and meets all business demands.

Use colours to increase brand engagement

Colours are very essential for increasing brand engagement through branding videos. People should recognize your brand through the logo and the videos whenever they come across them on the internet. While creating branding videos, make sure that you use the brand colours efficiently in the video in form of animation, background, props and characters. Use colours properly as it will help in growing brand awareness.

Bring your characters to life

To have an influential branding video, the animations used in it should be really outstanding. Don´t underestimate the effect of animation. The livelier your animation is, the more will be the chances of attracting an audience. A lively animated video would easily engage your targeted audience and they will stay there for more time.

Keep it crisp and short

Longer format videos have high drop-off rates as compared to short videos. People start losing interest if the video is extra-long. Brands should create videos that are short but highly engaging and contains complete information about the products and services.

Visualized storytelling is an effective way of engaging the target audience and building brand credibility and trust. A successful video needs to be produced professionally. This means that the process of video making should be followed or done professionally and properly.