Starting Your Career as a Criminal Lawyer

Starting Your Career as a Criminal Lawyer

It can be a tough job to become a criminal lawyer as it is challenging and exciting. Criminal lawyers defend criminals and can do their work as prosecutors or as judges later in their career.

A criminal lawyer represent the clients whom the courts have prosecuted for acts which are illegal. Theses illegal acts vary from major offenses to minor offenses. Public defender is a criminal lawyer whom the court hires on permanent basis.

1. After graduation from law school and taking the bar exam you can become a criminal lawyer. If your desire is to become a criminal lawyer there are some habits and skills which are required to be developed at an early age. First of all your academic scores should be high in both school and college or university level.

2. Obtain four year bachelor degree from university or college. Law study is considered as post graduate program. There are some exceptions in which you need a bachelor diploma to apply in law school. Try at your best level to develop the skills in school and college years which you will need in your profession as a criminal lawyer. Try to build your confidence by taking speaking courses and joining the debates clubs and participate actively. To become a criminal lawyer you should have strong speaking power and to know how to build strong point of view and defend yourself.

3. Prepare yourself for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). First you have to clear the LAST test to take admission in any law school because all law Schools are approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). This test evaluates your skills and talent as a law student and professional as a lawyer.

4. To get admission in a law school is tough, you will have to face high competition to get into it and especially if you want to enroll yourself in a prestigious law school. Enlist the several law schools you want to apply but be realistic about it. Evaluate your probability and make clear that you meet all the requirements needed. Mail your applications to the law schools you want to apply before the deadline.

5. You will have to study three years in a full time program and after completing this more years in a part time program .First year or study is usually about the fundamentals of law and legal institutions. In second and third year of study you have to choose your courses. Select those courses that will be beneficial for you to become a criminal lawyer.

6. After graduation you have to take the bar exam in the state in which you are going to practice. You have to study hard to pass this as it is a tough exam. Many lawyers take it several times to pass this so do not take it easy. When you get your license to practice as a lawyer, you can start your career as a criminal lawyer.