Spanish Legal System

Spanish Legal System

The Spanish judicial system is based on the Roman legal system. It is a combination of the civil and criminal codes. The two systems are integrated into a single system. The Spanish Civil Code is based on Roman law and is applicable to both civil and criminal matters. The Spanish Penal Code is based on the Napoleonic Code and is applicable only to criminal matters.

Napoleonic Code

Spain is a democratic republic, but it is a monarchy under the rule of a constitutional monarch, King Juan Carlos I. The Spanish Constitution of 1978 establishes the basic framework of the government and the legislature. The Spanish Parliament is bicameral, consisting of a Senate and a Chamber of Deputies. The King appoints the Prime Minister who leads the government. The Prime Minister is the head of the Cabinet and selects the Ministers who administer the ministries.

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Roman law

The judiciary is composed of the Supreme Court (the Corte Suprema), the Constitutional Court (the Corte Constitucional), and the Audiencia Nacional, which is the highest court in civil matters. The courts are divided into civil, commercial, labor, military, maritime, penal, ecclesiastical, and tax. There are also specialized courts such as the Court of Accounts, the Court of Auditors, and the Court of Justice of Peace.

The courts are administered by the Ministry of Justice. The Spanish legal system is based on the Napoleonic code. In Spain, the Spanish Penal Code (Ley de Enjuiciamiento Criminal) is based on the Napoleonean Code. The Spanish Penal Code has been modified several times over the years. The Spanish Penal Code was originally adopted in 1832.

In addition to the Penal Code, the Spanish Civil Code was enacted in 1901. This law is a combination of the civil laws of the Roman Empire and the Napoleonic Code. The Spanish legal system is based on Roman law. The Spanish legal system is a combination of the civil law and the criminal law. The Spanish legal system has its roots in Roman law.