The History of Surfing in North Devon, Devon, UK




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Surf School North Devon is a very special school that offers students the opportunity to learn from the best. Students progress through a number of levels, helping them develop confidence and skills in surfing no matter what their level is.

We provide everything from basic instruction to advanced training in the basics of surfing and safe surfing techniques. We are a small team and hence we will take care of your education as well as look after any personal problems you may be experiencing.

The Surf School North Devon team takes complete care of each student and ensures that their learning is always top-notch. Also, there is no more worrying about your surf life than when you head out on the waves with us.  If you’re looking for surf lessons this is the perfect company to start with. Our partnership means we know exactly what you need, no matter which level of skill set you’re starting from. From beginner to expert, we can deliver an experience that will help kick-start your career and teach you everything there is to know about surfing in 2022! We want our students to be safe and happy, so sign up today!

Want to be an expert at surfing?

No matter which level of skill set you’re starting from, we have a program that will help kick-start your career and teach you everything there is to know about the sport. After all, we understand that for many people, surfing is more than just a hobby – it’s their passion and they’re not going to let anyone stand in the way of achieving greatness.

You want to surf like no one else! With our team of experts by your side, you can find the right path to achieving this dream – whether it’s mastering basic tricks or finding the most efficient fin setup for top performance. We don’t just teach the basics; we give you tools so that you can improve them with every lesson. That’s why we’re the world leader in training programs for surfing. So if you’re ready to take your surfing skills to the next level, click here now!

How To Choose The Right Surf School For You

We provide surfing lessons for both children and adults. You will receive personalised advice, and information about local surf spots, the best places to paddle and how to paddle safely. We offer a broad selection of equipment including two different boards, clothes and life vests. Your child will be able to take advantage of the water that they love in a more interactive environment with their instructor and receive very detailed feedback on each session. Your child will gain confidence in their ability to learn new skills over time. Every student who attends one of our classes will benefit from a much-needed break from school work and an enjoyable experience in the water which can be enjoyed by all ages, so you know your students are going to enjoy it too!

The Surfing Life Guard – Diving and Watersports Training in the North of England! The classes are suitable for both beginner and intermediate surfers.